Sunday, October 01, 2006

Beyond Radio

Hi, my name's Conor Lennon and I'm currently working as a development producer in the Radio Drama department at the BBC. For those of you who don't know, the BBC has the biggest radio drama industry in the world, making many hundreds of hours a year (I should check how many. I'll get back to you).

I'm convinced, and have been for years, that radio, or, rather, audio drama (as it should now be known) is a massively under-rated form with a rich (yet currently poorly documented) medium.

What's more, it's a form that should (and I stress the should) be invigorated by Web 2.0 and given a new lease of life. I'm planning to put down my thoughts about the future of audio drama, current BBC offerings and anything else on the subject that comes to mind. I'm also hoping to find like-minded people. We'll see...

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Nick Stockbridge said...


Came across your blog and completely agree - am a big fan of audio drama and have successfully introduced my teenage daughter to it too.

I was wondering whether you had any links you could provide for free listening, apart from the excellent afternoon plays etc in Radio 4 and all the stuff on Radio 7.