Friday, December 29, 2006

Spreading the word

Happy Christmas and welcome to that odd time of year referred to by some as The Perineum (not by me).

The word about The Audiotheque has now gone out to universities, colleges, community radio stations and BBC local radio stations. I wanted to kick things off before 2007 and there have been a fair few replies already.

If you're reading this as a result of my email then let me know: what kind of stuff would you like to see on the site? It may look a bit like the Film Network and I reckon there might be some crossover in audience. In terms of content, I'm a big fan of Arte Radio and would be ecstatic if we could get work of that quality on The Audiotheque. If you speak French have a listen to some of the audio on there. There are some great pieces that left me in awe. We'll see.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What happened to November?

Blimey, nearly Christmas and my first post since the end of October. Just what the Hell have I been doing? Well, continuing the development of The Audiotheque idea for one. The plan is to build a BBC community site for audio enthusiasts. The best material will be showcase on the site and there will be periodic competitions where the prize will be a paid commission for material to be included in a programme on one of the BBC radio statios. These are most likely to be Radio 4, Radio 3, BBC7 and the World Service but I'm hoping to get 1Xtra BBC involved. We'll see. Oh, and New Talent are keen to get involved in some way, eg holding Masterclasses and helping with the organisation of the competitions.

That's where I am for now, but I'll probably start spreading the word amongst colleges, universities, community radio organisations etc in the New Year.